Just A Little Motivation

Today’s Affirmation: Keep going. You are bigger than this. Try it, do it, and don’t give up!

You and only you can determine the kind of future you want to have. Channel your energy to focusing on your unique talents and abilities. Start thinking and working in a new direction, in a positive way and you will be amazed at what you can really do with your life.

Don’t find an excuse to give up on your goal. Find a strong reason to keep going. If you swim to the deepest part of a river, where going forward or backward will take the same energy, you don’t go back,you go forward! It’s hard. It may be tough and rough. It’s even scary sometimes! If you have been able to come this far, then you will be able to go farther. Don’t quit. Finish it and don’t let all your effort be in vain!